specializing in neck, back & shoulder pain


60 Minute Stress Buster Massage


Relieve the stress of a busy day with a 60 minute full body massage to help melt away tension and restore your sense of well being.

90 Minute Body Bliss


This mind unwinding 90 minute full body massage will help you enter a state of total body relaxation with plenty of time to address your focus areas.
*Recommended for highly active or stressed individuals.

120 Minute Soulful Massage


Relax down to the core with this 2 hour soul soothing massage that will leave you feeling your best.

Post-partum Massage 60/90/120 Mins


Recover from childbirth, cope with sleep deprivation, and feel emotionally and physically better when you get regular massage therapy through motherhood. Start within 5 days of giving birth, and continue during those first 16 weeks of adjusting to life after pregnancy.



Aromatherapy oils or CBD oil.


Buy 3 save 10%, buy 5 save 15%

Save by combining a group of sessions into a package. Your body will thank you.

Sticks & Stones

Coming Soon

Deep yet relaxing massage with sculpted basalt stones, handmade Birchwood massagers, and natural oils. Tactile and mechanical stimuli, combined with the warm flowing massage movements of the stones support the purification of tissue and relieve tension